Issues that threaten the outlook of our children and future generations

Our children’s future is under attack from many angles. Climate change and other consequences of human activities are causing increasingly intense natural disasters the extinction of species and at an astonishing rate, The current generation of adults is deciding on behalf of all future generations whether they ever get to see a living polar bear, giant sequoia, or coral reef. Similarly, our generation is deciding on our children’s behalf whether they may ever qualify for higher education or even survive to have such aspirations.

School budgets are being looted in the name of minimizing government and “choice.” Schools are no longer safe places. Children spend their class time justifiably worrying whether they will see their parents again or perish while sheltering under their desks, Similarly, an unfounded and obstinate backlash against vaccines makes children increasingly vulnerable to new viruses (including Covid-19) and constantly emerging new variants—particularly when they are at school.


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Climate Change

The War on Education

Gun Violence

Covid-19 and Refusal to Vaccinate