So no no, Mr. Governor


Call Governor Sununu

Take action this week by calling Governor Sununu (603-271-2121and holding him accountable for his actions (or lack thereof) on the following issues:
Gun safety legislation – In the wake of the Parkland shooting, Sununu has refused overwhelming calls to pass gun safety legislation, calling them a “gut reaction.” This NRA  “A”-rated Governor made his first legislative priority passing concealed carry in New Hampshire.
HB 372 – After initially saying he “hated” this bill, Sununu has walked back and moderated his stance, sending a clear signal to New Hampshire Republicans that he’ll ultimately support this modern-day poll tax that will disenfranchise legal college voters.
SB 193 – This unconstitutional school voucher bill would divert public funds to unregulated schools like the Tri-City Christian Academy, which just last year banned a student (who was on track to be valedictorian) for being transgender and create a segregated school system.
Gay Conversion Therapy Ban – This bill passed the New Hampshire House with overwhelming Democratic support, while 90% of the Republican caucus opposed the measure that would keep minors from being subjected to traumatizing conversion therapy. Governor Sununu has given a tacit endorsement of the proposal but hasn’t done anything to actively support this incredibly important piece of legislation.
State Workers’ Contract – It’s been over 240 days since Governor Sununu walked away from negotiations with New Hampshire’s State Workers, forcing thousands of employees to go to work with shoddy supplies for a governor they know doesn’t support them.