Sallie Fellows



Hebron, Holderness, Plymouth

If reelected, I will again use my 30 years of experience with school finance and funding to focus on:

  • Increasing state aid to school districts. This will lower local property taxes.
  • Reducing property taxes for seniors and others who are low income home owners.

I will also fight to:

  • Increase state funding for the University System (UNH, PSU, KSC).
  • Pass a minimum wage that will reach $15/hr. as quickly as possible.
  • Pass gun laws that will make NH safer for students, the police and everyone.  Make schools gun-free zones.
  • Address racism and other forms of bias with a review of state policies, and educational and cultural programs.
  • Protect what is most unique about NH, our scenic beauty and recreational resources.

Visit my website to learn more about me and details of my plans.